You've Got Questions? We've got answers.


Do you install on wood posts?

No, the extreme wind and climate in Oklahoma makes installing wood posts for most projects inadvisable.


Do you set your posts in concrete?

We do not set our posts in concrete; we use a hydraulic driver that drives the posts into undisturbed soil.


Why do you drive your posts instead of setting them in concrete?

This technology has been around for over 30 years, and has just recently made its way into Oklahoma. In the beginning, we dug holes and set posts in concrete like most every other fence company in Oklahoma; however, we have been installing our posts with a driver since September of 2013. Driving the posts allows for 1 day installations in most cases, and provides better drainage away from the posts without compromising strength. Instead of digging an 18”-24” hole, we drive the posts 42” into the ground without disturbing the soil, which prevents settling, and therefore prevents leaning posts.


How far do you drive your posts into the ground?

We drive our posts to a minimum depth of 30”. However, most posts are driven to a depth of 42”. That’s almost 4’!


What is the gauge of the posts you use?

Because of the force necessary to drive these posts, we use commercial-grade schedule 20 posts.


I already have metal posts- do they have to be replaced?

If the posts are straight and are installed on perfect 8’ centers, we will be able to use your existing posts. However, if your existing posts are thinner-grade post, we would not recommend reusing them, because we will not warranty materials that we did not provide and install.


Where do you purchase your materials?

We purchase our materials from Jamieson Fence Supply and Master Halco. We do not purchase any materials from retail home improvement stores.


How thick are the pickets you use?

Standard picket thickness is 5/8”, but we also offer a thicker picket in cedar that is 7/8”


What’s the difference between spruce and cedar?

Spruce is the more economical choice, and has a life expectancy of 8-12 years, whereas cedar is at the higher end of the spectrum, and has a life expectancy of 15-20 years.


Do the cedar fence panels also have cedar rails?



Do you use 2x3 rails?

No, all of our wood fences are constructed with 2x4 rails.


What type of cedar do you use?

Our suppliers purchase lumber from several different mills; however, the most common type is Western Red Cedar.


Do you offer pressure treated panels?

We do not offer any pressure-treated wood whatsoever. This is because it comes directly from the mill pressure-injected with liquid chemicals. Once this wood is left in the sun, the liquid evaporates leaving the chemicals behind and warping the wood badly.


What’s the difference between a panel-built fence, and building it on site?

When installed correctly, you cannot tell the difference between a fence built on site and a fence built with panels. The main difference is labor. We build our panels in a controlled environment, whereas panels built on site will take more time, but you end up with the same product.


What’s your warranty?

We have a one year standard warranty on labor and materials installed by Red River Fence, LLC.


When privacy isn’t an issue, why go with ornamental over chain link?

Ornamental fence adds value to your home, whereas chain link does not.