Questions to ask when choosing a fence company



How long have they been in business?

While we understand that every company has a starting point, you may be surprised to learn how many fence companies come and go under different names every few years due to poor customer service, quality issues- the list goes on and on. Red River Fence has been in business since March of 2012, and this can be verified through the Oklahoma Secretary of State website.


Is their fence company licensed, bonded, and insured?

This is a very important question- very few fence companies are licensed, bonded, and insured, and the last thing you need as a homeowner is an uninsured contractor getting injured on your property. Red River Fence provides our license, insurance and bond information with every estimate that we send to our customers.


Do they have a physical, business address/location for their business? Or are they working out of the back of their truck?

If they do not have their physical address listed and are using a PO Box instead, these are red flags for concern. Our address and phone number are listed on everything that we do- we want you to be able to find us! Red River Fence is located at 100 N Falcon Dr OKC , which is one block west of the Outlet Mall at Reno and Council.


Do they provide references?

Red River Fence can provide hundreds of references upon request. We encourage you to contact as many of our customers as you need to feel comfortable with your decision.


Do they have reviews on Google/Angie’s List/Yelp?

Research is very important! Check out what other people have to say about their experiences with the companies that you’re considering. In addition to the references that we provide, we also encourage you to check our reviews on Google, Angie’s List, Yelp and Facebook.


Do they have a knowledgeable staff?

Do they clarify the types of materials available, the process from start to finish, what your role is as the home owner, and their role as the fence contractor? Red River Fence believes that you as our valued customer should know what to expect, and we pride ourselves on our level of communication and transparency throughout the entire process. We are available, and more than happy to answer any and all of your questions!


How quickly will they get back to you?

This is one frustrating concern that we hear from many of our customers. They will make contact with a fence company, only to be shunned for days, weeks, or sometimes months waiting to hear back from them. This is a potential problem: if they won’t return your phone calls, and you have to chase them down for an estimate, what’s it going to be like after the installation, and you’ve run into problems with the fence?

Red River Fence is located at 100 N Falcon Dr OKC, and our office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. If you call during business hours, and reach our answering service, we are assisting another customer, and if you leave your contact information, we will immediately call you back. If you leave a message outside of operating hours, our office manager will return your phone call on the next business day. We value you as our customer!


Has your estimate been hand-written on a piece of note paper?

This is a common practice; however, Red River Fence uses two different software programs- one to provide your initial estimate, and the other to provide your contract, should you choose Red River Fence for your fence installation. Our contract clearly spells out the materials, hardware, gates, locations and a computer-rendered drawing of your project. We are very transparent.



Do they specify the type of wood they are using on their estimate?

“White wood” is not a type of wood. Red River Fence installs spruce and cedar, and will always specify this on our estimates and contracts, explain the difference, and give you the choice.


Are they asking for money upfront to purchase materials?

This is another big red flag. Red River Fence does not require money up front. The fencing process is stressful enough without you worrying about whether or not we’re going to take your money and run, so payment is not due until the job is complete.

Do they offer financing?

We are proud to offer local financing through Tinker Federal Credit Union. TFCU provides loans as high as $25,000 and as low as $500 to even the most credit challenged of people. Interest rates as low as 5.24% You can apply here.


Will they schedule your job, and arrive when they say they’re going to be there?

Communication is a very big deal to us. Once you sign a contract, we’re going to let you know what days we have available, and schedule your fence installation on the first available date, unless you have a specific request. The afternoon before your scheduled installation, our office manager will call you to confirm, and to give you a timeframe of when our crew will be on site. Red River Fence is usually booked two weeks out. If there is a need to reschedule your installation (due to weather, for example) our office will be in contact with you as soon as possible to discuss new dates.


Do they use sub-contractors?

This is a big deal. The majority of fence companies and the big box home improvement stores will sell you a fence job, and then sub it out to uninsured subcontractors that get paid by the foot, and do not necessarily care about you or the quality of their workmanship. Their main goal is to get to the next job. Red River Fence does not use subcontractors; we have our own crew that works directly for us, and we are very hands-on from start to finish of your project.


How long will the actual fence installation take?

This is another big question. Most fence companies will schedule multiple same-day jobs, they’ll come and tear out your old fence at the beginning of the week, set your new posts, leave your back yard open for days, and then come back and hang your panels on Thursday or Friday of that week. This is a problem- what about your dogs? What about your neighbor’s dogs? Suppose it rains? This is unacceptable for Red River Fence. All of our jobs are one-day installations. Some may run into two days, depending on the complexity, but we take all of these possible issues into consideration when installing your fence. We realize that you want your fence installed properly and efficiently.


Where do they purchase their materials?

All materials are not created equal! Although most fence companies purchase their materials from the same suppliers that Red River Fence uses, many will go to the big box home centers and buy sub-standard materials to save money, which in turn compromises the quality of fence they install, which will cost you money in the long run. Cheap is cheap for a reason! Red River Fence purchases our materials from Jamieson Fence Supply and Master Halco.


What gauge steel posts are they using?

All metal posts are not created equal! Red River Fence uses commercial-grade 8’, 9’ and 10’ steel posts.


Are they “eyeballing” the post placement, or are they using string lines, levels, and measuring tapes?

Red River Fence uses string lines, post levels and measuring tapes for accuracy when setting all of our posts. “Close enough” is not good enough!


Do they install a Gate Brace and drop rod on each gate they install?

Most companies will install either a wood 2x4 or a picket as a brace, and offer a metal gate kit as an upsell option. However, Red River Fence installs the Gate Brace, a metal anti-sag gate kit, as well as a metal drop rod on every gate we install.


Do they have a warranty? Will they stand behind it?

Red River Fence has a standard one year warranty on labor and materials installed by us. However, we cannot be held responsible for damages caused by acts of God, and/or customer neglect.


If the other company offers a warranty, how long does it take them to service it?

Red River Fence has a standard repair policy of scheduling one day a week to service repairs and/or warranty work.


Do they make you feel valued as a customer?

We feel this is very important. Red River Fence does not want to just build your fence- we want to build relationships. We know that if you feel valued, you will tell friends and acquaintances about your experience with our company.